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Duplicate Ads

We do not limit the number of ads that users can post on nilmanel. But we no longer allowed to post duplicate Ads.
*  We kindly ask not to post duplicate ads on the site:
*  Please do not post the same Ad over and over again across different categories and locations. Only post the ad where you are physically located.
*  If you post the same Ad in multiple locations or categories, your Ads will be removed.

These restrictions are in place to prevent users from "spamming" the site with duplicate Ads.

Items that are not allowed to sell on Nilmanel
   01. llegal and controlled drugs
   02. Prostitution and Escorts that offer sexual services
   03. Selling of Ponographic images, videos or adult toys
   04. Blood or body parts 
   05. Illegal goods and services
   06. Animal parts or hunting trophies
   07. Weapons, Destructive Devices and Explosives
   08. Illegal tobacco products (eg: Marjuwana) 
   09. Illegal Alcoholic beverages
   10. When selling tickets you need to make sure it is legal to do so. If we found out it is illegal we will remove those Ads straight-away.
   11. Stolen items
   12. Endangered or protected species or their parts
   13. Government badges, IDs, uniforms, licenses, Documents. (only the respective government organization can advertise these items)
   14. Prescription only medicines and medical devices
   15. Any item/s issued to armed forces including uniforms
   16. Radioactive, toxic and explosive materials
   17. Sensitive and Classified infomation such as identity documents, financial documents etc.
   18. Work-from-home Jobs, Affiliate programmes and Jobs that require applicants to pay an initial payment to sign up. (these are more likely scams)
   19. Any product or service that breaches Sri lankan Law.
   20. Ads that ask for sexual favours in exchange of goods and services.

Posting Job vacancies

We have introduced some restrictions for posting Job vacancies to increase the relevence and effectiveness.

  01. Work from home, Affiliate programes and jobs that ask for a upfront payment are not allowed (possible scams)
  02. All the Ads posted under Jobs will be expired after 60 days. (This option will gives more efficient and effective browsing experience to the users.)
Some basic reasons why we remove Ads from Nilmanel

  01. Ads which contain not allowed items listed above
  02. Duplicate Ads
  03. Ads posted in languages other than English, Sinhala and Tamil.
  04. Ads doesnt make any sense or not descriptive enough to identify what is offered and it gives a bad browsing experience.
  05. The content of the Ad Discriminate on Race, Religion, Sexual Orientation, Nationality etc.

Nilmanel reserve the right to remove any Ad from this website with or without informing to the Adertiser. If you cannot figureout why your Ad is removed from this website please email and ask us. 
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