Practical Spoken English Course

Rs. 2,500
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Spoken English Online Live Course
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
Courser name - Practical Spoken English Online Live Course for Adults.
Class type - Individual Live Online
Media - Skype, Viber, Facebook messenger.
Vision - Express your mind feeling in English.
Trainer - Mr.Nuwan De Alwis (Online trainer in Sri Lanka)
For whom
Business owners and family, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Executive officers, Managers and team leaders, Marketing managers, I.T. professionals, Directors, Housewives, English medium teachers and English teachers.

Areas which I cover.
• Practical English grammar.
• Practical English sentence patterns.
• English for society (Personal life, Office life or business life).
• Day to day English conversations, English discussions and presentations.
• Conjunctions.
• Make correct your mistakes while you speak in English.
• Use body language

Express your mind feeling in English
Sri Lanka
Western Province
  • Date Listed: 21.02.2018
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