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Newlink.lk is the free classified advertising website of Ikman Link (PVT) Ltd.
We are strongly involve in the segment of marketing/advertising campaigns for all
enterprises and delivering desired ROI for each client engaging with us. Our goal
is to serve and satisfy all visitors by enabling them to use our service at optimum superiority.
This is an easiest way to find superlative, quality deals from your own area as well as over the Island.
You can sign up with a free account to post your ads with few easy steps. Just click the Post Ad button.
Newlink.lk is the only market place which consists all most all the categories you are looking for.
It offers new and used products, countless services from all over the country.
You are free to buy and sell A to Z items in single platform.
Especially we have given an opportunity to find out best solutions for your financial queries,
healthcare activities and many more other services for competitive prices which are exclusive with us.
We are highly concerning quality than quantity. So we will be carefully reviewing you all ads to give
you best and keep the ethical standards.
Furthermore, we are pioneers in providing assistance to develop and promote
your business, brand, with latest advertising and strategic marketing concepts.
And our experienced, qualified staff is ready support you to climb the ladder of success.
Please contact us for more details
click here http://www.ikmanlink.lk
Sri Lanka
Western Province
Ikmanlink (pvt) Ltd, 33/01/01, Colombo Road, Ja-Ela, Sri Lanka
  • Date Listed: 21.10.2017
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We were unable to find the requested address (Sri Lanka, Western Province, Colombo, Ikmanlink (pvt) Ltd, 33/01/01, Colombo Road, Ja-Ela, Sri Lanka ) via Google street view due to Google street view doesn't have data for this address.
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