Accounting, Tax & Business Consultancy

Rs. 3,000
Additional information
We are well established experienced firm and we provide below services by qualified professionals under reasonable chargers.

1. Tax Advisory Services
-We are undertaking all kind of taxes (Income Tax, NBT, VAT, SVAT, PAYE, Stamp Duty etc) 
-Give tax planning and tax consulting for reduce your taxes. 
-Open tax files
-Attend Tax Department meetings
-On time tax preparation, tax Return submission (manually and on line - RAMIS system),
-Prepare VAT, NBT, SVAT, PAYE schedules 
-Arrange tax payments 

2. Accounting and Auditing
-Book Keeping (manually or computerized system eg- Quick Book)
- Prepare accounts monthly, quarterly, semi annually or annually according to your requirements
-Provide consultancy for financial management 
-Internal and external audit
-Stock counting and verification
-Fixed assets verification and prepare or update fixed assets register
-Introduce internal control system and identify your business weaknesses and provide remedies

3. Salary, EPF ,ETF and PAYE
-Prepare monthly master salary sheet, salary slips for employees
-EPF, ETF Return and payments submission on time
-Consult according to labour laws.

4. Company Incorporation and Secretarial Works
-Company Registrations
-Provide secretarial works (eg -File search, Form filling, prepare resolution etc…)
If you need any of above service/s please contact:
Sri Lanka
Western Province
  • Date Listed: 17.02.2018
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